The Real Housewives of Reality cover everything Real Housewives related but also incorporate other hit reality shows.



Once forced by Lisa Vanderpump to pose on her bad side, Allison, an up and coming stand up comic from Virginia spends a lot of her time dog sitting at beach houses and even more time watching reality tv. When she is not doing that she is watching the theatrical version of CATS (the one without buttholes)  while crying or making ridiculous cooking shows on her Instagram stories. Once featured on a Rupaul Trivia show about the Real Housewives, she unfortunately lost in the last round. When she asked if she could keep the rubber chicken she was given as a mock prize, she was immediately denied.



Scarlet was the winner of Season 69 of The Voice but wasted that opportunity when she was busted making fake Gucci bags out of her attic and selling them on OfferUp. Scarlet has earned several P.H.D's from Harverd University, online (yes, that is the correct spelling). She is a learned scholar in many subjects such as history, food, and words. Scarlet is a reality television mega fan, loves dogs and has an Uber rating of 5.0. Jealous?



Show producer. Knows what love is.

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